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Strength and Conditioning 



Strength and Conditioning 


24 hours a day. 7 days a week.

Our Gym

Summit is a 24-hour, full access strength and conditioning facility dedicated to personalized training for both the sport of Weightlifting and functional fitness training.

Athletes are free to train with their own program or have a Summit Strength and Conditioning program written specific to their goals and interests.

Summit has all the equipment an athlete could need for Olympic Weightlifting, as well as equipment for functional training. 

“There’s no other gym like it in all of SWVA…24-hour/365 access open gym with key card entry? Can’t beat it!”


Power Racks
Cardio Machines
Olympic Lifting Weights
Kettle Bells
and more!

Become Stronger

Reach the Summit Faster 


Strength & Conditioning




Gym H0urs

24 hour gym.
Members will receive code to use at the door.

Contact us today to tour the facility or try it out!