Getting Started

Unify Entrance Fundamentals 1st-month Intro Package $199

Unify Entrance Fundamentals is a comprehensive and structured introductory package to not only CrossFit but also our facility and community.  All new athletes will be provided with three entrance-training sessions and the 1st month of CrossFit classes.  The three sessions can be completed as scheduling allows and athletes will move into regular classes after his or her 3rd session is complete.

Athletes may communicate directly with Johnathon (or coach) and choose times that best fit schedules to reach the 4 sessions. Each session will introduce and explore the most common movements used in our training system, as well as giving information about our facility, programming, goal setting, and nutrition.

Have you done CrossFit before? Let’s get you started!

Set up a consultation to check out the Unify facility and talk about your goals and how Unify can help you achieve them.

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